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Historical background

Company's background

The entire history of Ferrotec NORD (former SCTB NORD) shows the company's on-going development aimed at highly efficient and continuous satisfaction of customers' requirements.

1991 Foundation of SCTB NORD (Moscow, Russia).

1992 Launch of thermoelectric module manufacture in Moscow.

1995 Obtaining patents for the glued module technology and launch of high reliability products for operation in cycling mode.

1996 Development of the P-type polycrystalline extruded material technology and replacement of the previously used zone-melted material with a new material of extremely high strength.

1998 Implementation in the manufacturing technology of multilayer antidiffusion barriers to ensure high reliability of thermoelectric modules working in cycling applications.

1999 Development of N-type polycrystalline extruded material and starting its mass use for the manufacture of a new generation of thermoelectric modules.

2003 Certification of SCTB NORD's Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2000 by an international certification organization.

2005 Implementation of a testing equipment system for checking operation reliability of modules in telecommunication equipment in accordance with the Telcordia standard.

2005 Introduction of a gold-plating technology for thermoelectric materials to assure high quality soldering of modules.

2005 SCTB NORD was incorporated into Ferrotec Corp., Japan (Securities Code: 6890 JASDAQ).

2006 Launch of the second plant manufacturing thermoelectric modules in Uglich, Russia.

2006 SCTB NORD's full-scale changeover to the manufacture of thermoelectric modules meeting the requirements of the EU RoHS Directive.

2009 Introduction of a module assembly technology using Au/Sn high temperature solder.

2009 Certification of SCTB NORD's Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2008.

2011 Company is re-named to Ferrotec NORD.

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