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Our long experience of operation in the thermoelectric module market coupled with ongoing research and technology improvements has made Ferrotec NORD a supplier of thermoelectric modules to all areas of application capable of tackling any thermoelectric tasks.

At present, Peltier coolers are widely used by many hi-tech areas, such as telecommunications, space and medicine.

They have found application in advanced laser, optical and radio electronic systems. As technological, industrial and medical applications of thermoelectric modules have rapidly expanded, so have their consumer product applications: portable refrigerators, compact air conditioners, air dryers and drinking water, beverage and wine coolers.

Ferrotec NORD's high-efficiency compact Peltier modules have become very popular in the thermoelectric market with its continuously toughening requirements for components in most of applications.


Key applications of standard thermoelectric modules

  • semiconductor IC testing
  • microprocessor coolers
  • heating and cooling chambers for climatic tests of electronic components
  • water coolers for the semiconductor industry
  • cooling systems for industrial and medical lasers and power supplies for medical equipment
  • mobile and compact refrigerators and thermostatic regulators for medical equipment
  • temperature controllers of mobile containers for storage and transportation of biomaterials and medications
  • regenerating and protective therapeutic equipment
  • physiotherapeutic and cosmetic equipment


Key applications of thermoelectric modules in temperature cycling conditions

  • creating conditions for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to occur in equipment for DNA analyses and genetic research
  • various testing equipment types that use thermal cycling to reveal internal defects of tested devices


Key applications of Peltier micromodules

Special computer developments


  • compact refrigerators designed to cool semiconductor lasers, IR detectors and CCD matrixes
  • mini thermostatic regulators for photomultipliers

Microwave equipment

  • cooling of input stages of high-sensitivity amplifier receivers and output stages of communication hardware minitransmitters
  • thermal stabilization of parametric devices


Key applications of generating thermoelectric modules

  • direct conversion of heat to electricity (space equipment and self-contained apparatus using released heat as an independent power supply)
  • pipeline galvanic protection, self-contained and emergency power supply systems etc.
  • self-contained power supply of electronic unit for water boilers
  • conversion of heat of natural heat sources (geothermal waters etc.) to electricity


No matter in which areas of science or production you work, we can provide you with high-quality and reliable thermoelectric modules.

Background information on Peltier module types and parameters can be found in the General Specification.

If you do not find thermoelectric modules suitable for your needs, complete the special design form for us to be able to provide you with technical support and to develop Peltier modules meeting your requirements.

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