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Electric Scooters Are Causing Havoc. This Man Is Shrugging It Off. Travis VanderZanden, chief executive of electric scooter start-up Bird, is unperturbed by how San Francisco and other cities are in an uproar over the dockless vehicles.
U.S. Investigating AT&T and Verizon Over Wireless Collusion Claim Complaints to the Justice Department allege that the companies and a standards group worked together to restrict eSIM technology, a cardless way to easily switch carriers.
A.I. Researchers Are Making More Than $1 Million, Even at a Nonprofit Tax forms filed by OpenAI provide insight into the enormous salaries and bonuses paid to artificial intelligence specialists across the world.
Bits: Kevin’s Week in Tech: Jeff Bezos Reminds Tech Who’s Boss Amazon’s chief executive sent out his annual shareholder letter this week. Our tech columnist recounts what stood out from it.
Tesla Factory Safety Under Scrutiny After Worker Is Injured Days after a news report focused on conditions at the plant, a California agency said it was investigating an episode that left a millwright’s jaw broken.
India’s A.T.M.s Are Running Out of Cash. Again. The shortage, caused by government policies, poses a challenge for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was also responsible for India’s last cash crisis.
The Saturday Profile: Long Before Cambridge Analytica, a Belief in the ‘Power of the Subliminal’ Decades ago, Nigel Oakes believed it was possible, using science, to influence human behavior on a mass scale. That ultimately led to data mining.
G.E. Earnings Show Some Signs of a Turnaround Despite a first-quarter loss, General Electric reported improving trends in industrial earnings and reaffirmed its profit outlook for the year.
Tech Tip: Getting Your Desktop Windows in Order If your screen has become jumbled with too many open files, folders and programs to manage, you can quickly sort the pile.
North Korean Leader Says ‘We No Longer Need’ Nuclear or Missile Tests The announcement by Kim Jong-un came less than a week before he meets with the president of South Korea.
Venture Capitalists Seek ‘Safe Harbor’ for Virtual Currencies A group led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz is proposing that some virtual currencies not be regulated as securities.
AT&T Chief Attacks Lawsuit to Block Time Warner Merger Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s chief executive, defended his deal to buy Time Warner and said a combined company would be no different than those that already exist in Silicon Valley.
Audit Approved of Facebook Policies, Even After Cambridge Analytica Leak PwC, an auditing firm responsible for monitoring Facebook’s compliance with a federal consent decree, effectively gave the company a clean bill of health in a 2017 report on privacy controls.
G.E. Makes a Sharp ‘Pivot’ on Digital The industrial giant plunged into internet-era software with gusto. But it has trimmed back after finding that becoming a tech player is daunting and costly.
It Could Be Game Over for a Onetime King of Donkey Kong The million-point record of Billy Mitchell, the subject of a 2007 documentary, has been thrown out, and Steve Wiebe, his rival, claims “sweet victory.”
Tech Tip: Protecting Privacy Inside and Outside the House The incognito and private browsing modes built into most modern browsers shield your online activity at home — but maybe not to the rest of the world.
Test Run: Smartphone Apps for Spontaneous Travel While travelers have long been able to set up airfare alerts, these apps go a step further in helping flexible travelers plan a last-minute trip.
Comcast Bid 16% More Than Disney for 21st Century Fox, Filing Shows Although its rebuffed proposal was higher on a per-share basis, Comcast didn’t offer protection if a deal was blocked, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Tech’s Hollywood Takeover: Amazon Reboots ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘E.T.’ Studio The tech giant has moved its entertainment division into Culver Studios, a 14-acre site where “Gone With the Wind” was also filmed.
Maryland Schools May Tell Children When It’s Time to Log Off The state is the first to pass legislation requiring education officials to develop health and safety guidelines for digital devices.
Time Warner C.E.O. Testifies That AT&T Merger Is Needed to Battle Silicon Valley Jeffrey Bewkes, Time Warner’s chief executive, said on Wednesday in federal court that the company is an underdog against Amazon, Netflix and others.
Facebook’s Current Status With Advertisers? It’s Complicated Marketers have long had a symbiotic relationship with the social network. But user concerns about data has companies taking a harder look at how they work with Facebook.
Tech We’re Using: Following the Trail of Online Ads, Wherever It Leads Sapna Maheshwari, who covers advertising for The Times, discusses how she tracks the online ads that track us.
Tech Tip: Locking Up Your Lock Screen If your Windows 10 lock screen changes daily or slows you down in getting to your desktop, you can change its behavior.
Corner Office: Marissa Mayer Is Still Here The former Yahoo chief is renting Google’s original office, where “there’s a lot of good juju,” and planning her next act. She just won’t say what it is.
Huawei and ZTE Hit Hard as U.S. Moves Against Chinese Tech Firms The U.S. and China are threatening a global trade war as they look to protect their most advanced industries.
Inside Cambridge Analytica’s Virtual Currency Plans The data firm was hoping to do its own so-called initial coin offering and quietly helped promote other companies in the unregulated industry.
Supreme Court Divided on Sales Taxes for Online Purchases The justices heard arguments about whether to overrule a 1992 decision that shielded many internet retailers from having to collect sales taxes.
Economic Scene: Facebook Is Creepy. And Valuable. To protect the public without overreacting, the issue for legislators and regulators to weigh is how much the data-driven ecosystem is worth to us.
Supreme Court Tosses Out Microsoft Case on Digital Data Abroad A closely watched clash between federal prosecutors and Microsoft fizzled after Congress enacted a new law last month.
Tech Tip: Declining Android’s Automatic Correction Help Google’s smartphone software includes a set of tools to help you type — but if they trip you up, turn them off.
Huawei, Failing to Crack U.S. Market, Signals a Change in Tactics The Chinese telecom giant, which has been dogged by concerns about its ties to Beijing, dropped its top Washington liaison and other American employees.
A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Great Video on Your Phone Everyone from pro photographers to amateur shutterbugs is using phones to shoot video projects. Here’s how you can get started.
Chinese Tech Company Blocked From Buying American Components The Trump administration said Monday that it was halting exports from the United States to ZTE Corporation, a blow to one of China’s best-known firms.
Robots Ride to the Rescue Where Workers Can’t Be Found Fast-growing economies in Eastern Europe have led to severe labor shortages, so companies are calling in the machines.
Tech Tip: Reclaim Your Screen From Scammers Internet con artists hope their crafty coding will fool you into asking for their fraudulent tech-support services, but you can often escape with a few keystrokes.
Chinese Social Media Site Reverses Gay Content Ban After Uproar Sina Weibo vowed to scale back a “cleanup” campaign, but some gay rights advocates demanded an apology.
Employees Jump at Genetic Testing. Is That a Good Thing? Genetic disease risk screening is becoming a popular employee benefit. But the tests may not be all that beneficial for the general population, experts say.
Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Prepare for an I.P.O. Wave With Dropbox and Spotify successfully going public, tech investors believe that a bonanza of initial public offerings is finally about to arrive.
‘I Am Gay, Not a Pervert’: Furor in China as Sina Weibo Bans Gay Content Activists said the social media site’s vow to delete posts with gay themes was the latest sign of discrimination in the country.

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