Ferrotec Nord manufactures more than 250 types of Peltier modules of various design, capacity, voltage, supply current and geometry to meet the demand of the thermoelectric module market and specific customer needs. A complete list of cooling and generating modules is included in the General specification.
(Download General Specification PDF)

For our customers’ convenience, we have grouped thermoelectric modules by the type and placed them in the tables that allow the customer to select the required type of the Peltier elements.

If you do not find a Peltier cooler that fully meets your requirements or you need thermoelectric modules of special geometry, shape, specifications or special use, we are ready to design products in accordance with your requirements. In this case you may make a design request using the form available on our website or contact our specialists for your problems to be handled.

thermoelectric modules

One-, two- or multistage cooling modules for household, industrial and special-purpose applications.


One-, two- or multistage micromodules for cooling and temperature control of electronic products and components of optical carriers with special safety requirements (Telcordia standard).

Peltier elements for cycling operations

High-reliability thermoelectric modules for electronic product testing or temperature cycling (for example DNA amplifiers) applications.

Generating thermoelectric modules

Generating thermoelectric modules ensure maximum efficiency of direct conversion of heat to electricity and are optimized for high temperature applications.
The sections offer complete information on each module of the group you have chosen, including marking, drawings, photos and a list of additional options used for this module group.

Customized thermoelectric

For precision temperature control applications, Ferrotec is a world-leading manufacturer of thermoelectric (Peltier) modules and thermal management solutions for cooling, thermal cycling, or precision temperature control in custom or industry-standard configurations.

With short lead times, competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and industry-standard sizes, Ferrotec can help you develop your solution or replace your existing thermoelectric components.