Standard thermoelectric modules (TM)

The standard Peltier coolers manufactured by Ferrotec Nord includes single-stage (ТМ) and multistage thermoelectric modules (2ТМ, 3ТМ, 4ТМ series).

Thermoelectric modules are produced with application of the following technologies:

  • advanced polycrystalline thermoelectric materials with high mechanical strength obtained using the powder metallurgical technique
  • thermoelectric materials properties optimized for Peltier modules work within the certain temperature range
  • patented technology for the manufacture of Peltier elements with elastic glue layers to avoid mechanical stress caused by temperatures gradients in operating modules
  • designed and implemented technology of multilayer antidiffusion barriers resistant to thermal stresses
  • gold-plated semiconductor thermoelectric dices to avoid thermoelectric module soldering defects
  • thermoelectric modules soldered using low active rosin fluxes with minimum ion component concentrations for enhanced corrosion resistance of modules
  • precise lapping ensuring high quality, flatness and parallelism of Peltier modules’ working surfaces to enable a good thermal contact with the cooled object and the heat dissipation system
  • 6-stage washing with a variety of solvents to remove residual flux and ensure corrosion resistance of thermoelecric coolers
  • module quality control at all production stages, regulated by the Quality Assurance Program (basic level)
  • usage of components that have been approved for production by EU RoHS Directive.