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Manufacture of thermoelectric modules

Dear Customer,
Ferrotec is recognised as one of most reliable providers in a wide variety of market segments, with application ranging from comsumer products to precise temperature control systems. Our flexibility and expertise enable us to offer effective product solutions with short delivery times through our global sales channels. Working closely with our customers as partners, Ferrotec Nord specializes in the development and manufacture of cycling thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric coolers, thermoelectric generators and assemblies. We are committed to providing strong technical support and service through our product design process and beyond.

Thermoelectric module

Thermoelectric modules using Peltier effect provide a range of flexible tools for high-precision temperature sensors, controllers, heat-to-electricity and cooling devices which are used across various industries.

Thermoelectric power generation

Thermoelectric power generation is an advanced power-generating technology which allows to obtain electric power from various heat sources (including campfire) without usage of conventional generators or any other power-converting devices. Thermoelectric power generation devices use Peltier effect to transform heat into electric power.

Peltier modules

Peltier modules is one of the modern technologies used for a wide variety of applications in many industries and in consumers products as well. Peltier effect which is used by this type of devices allows for precise temperature calibration, refrigerator-less and fan-less cooling, temperature sensors and hundreds of other applications.