To choose a Peltier module complying with the customer’s requirements, advantage may be taken of the ТM Calc software available on the website, that will have to be installed on your PC.

Run the software and enter the required module’s characteristics, answering the software questions step by step.

You need to specify:

  • thermoelectric module’s hot side temperature
  • required cooling capacity
  • temperature difference between the cold and hot sides to be provided by Peltier cooler
  • thermoelectric module’s resistance (or module’s supply voltage and current)
  • Peltier module’s maximum possible dimensions (length, width, height)

A list of Peltier modules meeting the customer’s requirements is available in a separate window of the software.

By placing the mouse pointer on any of the offered thermoelectric module types and by clicking the mouse button you may view the drawing and the basic characteristics of the module chosen.

A final choice of the thermoelectric module may be made by the customer from the list of Peltier modules by analyzing the drawings offered. One structure may use a few thermoelectric modules connected in series or in parallel.