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Ferrotec NORD (former SCTB NORD), Specialized Constructive Technological Bureau NORD, was formed by a group of thermoelectricians in Moscow in 1991. Since its beginnings SCTB NORD has always been able to focus on the manufacture of hi-tech products thanks to its high scientific potential. SCTB NORD's specialists designed and implemented in large-scale production a number of innovative technologies that made the company the world's leading manufacturer of thermoelectric (Peltier) cooling and generating modules. Thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric generating modules, thermoelectric coolers produced by Ferrotec NORD are exported to more than 20 countries. They have enjoyed extensive use ranging from exotic applications such as the cooling of Lenin's body at the Mausoleum in Moscow Red Square to wide usage in telecommunication devices. At present Ferrotec NORD have two production facilities with a total floor space of about 5,000 sq m in Moscow and Uglich, 250 km north of Moscow. SCTB NORD was incorporated into FERROTEC Corp., Japan in 2005 to ensure improved access to the world electronics market. This gave additional impuls to our technological development and enhanced trust of our Customers. Ferrotec NORD was certified to ISO 9001:2008. Considering the capabilities of the Ferrotec group companies, we have worldwide distributor network and are always happy to assist you in your projects.

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